Tomb rading strategy

In the course of our historic studies, we visited archeologic excavation sites several times. It looks like a routine digging and cleaning process. However, it leads to magnificent discoveries of artifacts and stories behind them. Lots of museums and universities all over the world dispatch their teams to various places in seek for hidden treasures. It could be terracotta fragments of a pot or bone pieces – still precious pieces for historians. It might be also silver ingots and gold coins – those attracting interest of completely different sort of people.

We have come up with an idea of making a dynamic strategy challenge game where a player represents an owner of a private museum. He needs to select his artefacts carefully for exposition in order to procure highest yield. He also needs to watch for criminals trying to rob him. If brave enough a player should dispatch his search squads for excavation. But, it is sometimes difficult to retrieve the items found. Competitors may always strike an attack on your depository or ask police to search in your premises for newly acquired black market artefact. We foresee many interesting twists and actions that may be chosen by players.

The game is currently in re-drafting the first rules edition and conceptual sketching of visual elements. Mechanics will somewhat resemble that of Varangians’, but will be much more diverse.

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