REPORT on the XVI-th International Stand Modeling exhibition in Sofia

Oct 15-16 , 2022

This was the first time after COVID'19 pandemic that we have presented out works at the international level. Over 600 participants, more that 4000 models were contesting in 22 categories. We have demonstrated the full set of our chess pieces dedicated to the Battle of Odrin. It was a great success.

Our figurines

Each of the chess pieces was thoroughly worked out by Victoria Maleeva with a special tempera paint. You may scroll the carousel of images to see each of them. Tsar Kaloyan figurine was selected as the medal winner by the Sofia Stand Modeling Club, which the whole set was awarded with a special gold medal by the Bucharest Mad Priest Miniatures Club from Romania.

We also took a liberty of making high resolution photos of other masterpieces from this Exhibition. Feel free to browse and download them from here.