Support for "Varangians"

History of Norman Conquests

We at Gryphon Studio would appreciate any kind of support you may be willing to provide for our project. After we are finished with modeling and drawing of all characters, icons, the board and test the full size prototype, we will present the project at

But before that you can also be of help for us.

Social Media

In case, you chose to publish a post at your social media page or a blog with a reference to our web page please contact us in advance in order to receive exclusive visual materials that are not yet published here or elsewhere. Besides of our deepest gratitude, we have come with special rewards for those opinion leaders who managed to achieve remarkable results with their posts, blogs or videos.

1000 likes and/or reposts Special digital gratitude certificate

+ 40 mm unpainted tin miniature or a viking

2000 likes and/or reposts Special digital gratitude certificate

+ 54 mm unpainted tin miniature of a viking

5000 likes and/or reposts Special digital gratitude certificate

+ 54 mm painted tin miniature of a viking.

We will notify you for additional social media rewards as soon as we are ready for launching the Kickstarter campaign.

Other Support

In case you would like to support us with funds, please get in touch via email for details. Each supporter receives a special digital gratitude certificate and exclusive image of a printable size that may be turned into a poster or anything else you like.

You may also be willing to assist us with rarely known historic data, artefacts or other lore about Vikings. Or perhaps you would like to participate in beta-testing or translation of rules into various languages. In this case, please also contact us via email. We will figure out special rewards for you as well.