One of the most experienced members of the Team. He lives in Vitebsk, Belarus.

He grew up as a visionary. He loved to manufacture wooden swords, sculpt clay fortresses and draw heroes. Naturally, he graduated from an art school. As a teenager, Oleg was fond of paintings by Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and many other fantasy artists. He tried to mimic their styles in his own drawings.

The passion for drawing did not pass over time although Oleg chosen to make up his living out of another type of work. With modern technologies and software for visualization, drawing became even more fun for him. It consumes almost all of Oleg’s free spare time.

Oleg also participated in various creative contests beyond 2D drawing. Some of his diorama works made for World of Tanks (© by Wargaming.net) won the top prizes.

Currently Oleg mainly draws as a freelancer. He likes to depict fantastic worlds, brutal heroes, epic battles and clashes of fantasy creatures. His contribution to combat scenes and characters in our Varangian project is priceless.

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