XV-th open competition for scale models in Sofia, Bulgaria

Oct 12-13, 2019

Gryphon Studio participated in XV-th open competition and exhibition of scale and stand models hosted and organizaed in Sofia by Scale Models Club Bulgaria. Over 100 participants came with more than 400 of their models. Our talented artist Victoria Maleeva has presented her well decorated 1:16 model of Athenian Hoplite (art.No 16014 by MiniArt). Her masterpiece won the silver medal in the category of Figurines over 60mm.

"It was a pleasure and joy to decorate this figurine!" - Victoria says. "I spent many evenings studying advanced works of ancient Greek artists and themes they were choosing for shields of their best soldiers. Medusa Gornon was one of the most scaring yet attractive charachters to be chosen. Just as her head once protected Argos against Kraken in the hands of Perseus it should frighten and banish enemies of our infantryman".

We wish Victoria all the best in her art work! Well done!

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